Party Notes

22nd April 2014

Class struggle and fighting Ukip
THE TRADE union conferences have shown a readiness among workers for a much higher level of struggle than is presently taking place. And the resilience and success of many of the local strikes shows how our class can gain victories.
The NUT teachers’ conference voted for a one-day strike in the week beginning 23 June, to seek coordination with other unions, and for further action in the autumn.
A more far-reaching programme was only narrowly defeated. Go to
The Unison health conference called for a strike ballot over pay which could see hundreds of thousands of NHS workers out.
Unions have consulted local government workers over pay, with Unison due to make an announcement on the result this week.
London Underground workers are set to strike for five days over cuts to jobs, services and safety. The RMT union announced a 48-hour strike from Monday 28 April followed by a 72-hour walkout from Monday 5 May.
SOAS strikers won. Care Uk workers are set to hold another 14 (yes, 14) days of strikes. Lambeth College is set to begin an all out strike.
There is a political battle in our class about whether the potential for enhanced struggle becomes a reality and whether strikes then escalate and coordinate. There is also a battle over whether they reach out to other workers and into communities.
We will fight these battles in our unions, our campaigns, in the People’s Assembly, through Unite the Resistance and in the colleges. In the UCU we can see how the trade union leaders can pull struggle back.
The People’s Assembly demo on 21 June and the TUC demo on 18 October are important for us.
Everyone can do something to back the strikes–raise a collection, visit a picket line, send a message of support and urge action where we are.
And we can sell SW and build the party. At the NUT conference four delegates joined the SWP, 13 signed up for Marxism 2014 and over 140 SWs were sold along with 70 of the new Blair Peach pamphlet. At the Unison health conference we sold 196 SWs.
There is also a crucial role in taking on scapegoating and racism. The more united class action we can get the less the racists’ lies will have a purchase. And the issues of racism, fascism and the struggle in Britain will be central to Marxism 2014.
Following the magnificent anti-racist protests of 22 March, we want to use the networks we helped to create to challenge the agenda of scapegoating in the run-up to the 22 May elections.
One important aspect of that is to challenge Ukip, who have made immigration a central question in their campaign.
On 10 May we want comrades everywhere to work with the broadest possible range of people to show public opposition against Ukip.
Ukip is standing everywhere in the European elections, as well as in hundreds of council seats. We can leaflet and campaign anywhere.
Before 10 May contact as many people as you can–anti-racists, people we worked with around the 22 March demos, trade unionists, students etc–and tell them we want a united day of leafleting against Ukip. Then on 10 May use the Stand Up to Ukip materials (available from and go into your town or city centre and leaflet and petition.

If you are in NW England then the UAF anti-Griffin campaign is central and you should already have a clear plan from now to 22 May. Make sure everyone knows about it.
Please send any reports of anti-Ukip campaigning to
In areas where we are running TUSC candidates, plan now to involve as many people as possible in the campaign. Lively campaigns can show there is a fighting alternative to the main parties.
Every branch/district should schedule a public meeting for the week after 22 May (28/29 May) on the lessons from the elections.

Ukip meetings
Our analysis of UKIP is that it is a right-wing party using racism to bolster its electoral support, rather than a fascist organisation. Therefore, we do not call for “No Platform” for UKIP, in the way that we would for groups such as the BNP or EDL.
But we do believe in challenging racist politicians. That means contesting their arguments and protesting outside their meetings.
Wherever they are holding major public meetings we should protest against them, using the material produced by Stand Up to UKIP and involving others who want to work with us on this question.

Selected forthcoming UKIP events:

“Nigel on Tour” meetings:
• 22 April, Sheffield, City Suite, Mercure Street, 7.30pm.
• 23 April, Tyneside, The Sage, Gateshead, 7.30pm.
• 25 April, Dudley, Town Hall, 7.30pm.
• 28 April, Portsmouth, Guildhall, 7.30pm.
• 29 April, Bath, The Forum, 7.30pm.
• 30 April, Swansea, Sinclairs Suite, Liberty Stadium, 7.30pm.
• 1 May, Derby, The Riverside Centre, 7.30pm.

Other UKIP public meetings
• 22 April, Merseyside, Westfields Bar, St Helens, 7pm.
• 24 April, Birmingham, Hawthornes Social Club, Rednal, 7.30pm.
• 7 May, London, Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, Westminster, 7pm

Two placards are available for you to use. and
Leafets from

UAF conference: Saturday 14 June: TUC Congress House, London. Full details to come, but make sure you have this in your diary, are coming yourself and bringing others. It will be an important meeting after the elections.

Mobilising against fascists
BRIGHTON: No to the fascist March for England! Assemble, by Palace Pier roundabout, Brighton, from 11am, THIS SUNDAY 27 April.
ROTHERHAM: Public meeting: EDL not welcome in Rotherham, Monday 28 April, 7pm, Rotherham Town Hall, Moorgate.
NEWCASTLE: Counter protest against the EDL, Saturday 17 May.

Love Music Hate Racism
DUDLEY: Free festival, Saturday 26 April, 2pm-11pm, Dudley Town Hall. With Roach Killa, Silhouettes and many more. Flyer attached.

New Socialist Worker pamphlet:
Blair Peach, socialist and anti-racist by Nick Grant and Brian Richardson. 35 years after SWP member Blair Peach was killed by the police on an anti-Nazi demo, this pamphlet remembers the time and relates the lessons for today. Get your copy now by phoning 020 7819 1170. £3 for one copy, 10 for £20. We can send them out with the papers.

Marxism 2014
The Marxism timetable is now online. Check it out on
Make sure you let anyone interested know about it. Share on fb, twitter and other social media. Hardcopies will be available from next week.

Last week we were able to announce two important meetings at Marxism.
Ten years on: Remembering Paul Foot. Paul Foot was not only the finest campaigning journalist of his generation but a brilliant socialist writer, speaker and tireless campaigner against injustice. His death ten years ago was mourned by those fighting for a better world. This special memorial meeting at Marxism 2014 will celebrate his life and politics. John Pilger, Darcus Howe and Gareth Peirce join Matt Foot to discuss and pay tribute to Paul Foot. Sat 12 July, 3.45pm, Logan Hall, Institute of Education

No Justice, No Peace. Police racism and corruption has come to the fore this year. Winston Silcott, one of the Tottenham Three wrongly convicted and imprisoned in a terrible miscarriage of justice for the murder of PC Blakelock, will join Janet Alder of the Justice for Christopher Alder Campaign, Brian Richardson and others to discuss their courageous and inspiring fights for justice. Sat 12 July, 7pm Jeffery Hall, Institute of Education

London Marxism Planning Meeting: THIS SUNDAY
27 April, 3-5pm
This meeting is open to anyone in London who wants to build for Marxism. But it is essential for every branch Marxism organizer (if you don’t have one yet please agree one this week so they can come to the meeting) to come, plus every London Branch Secretary, every NC member based in London and every union fraction convenor based in London plus comrades active in their TU. Please confirm your attendance by emailing Amy on

We will be setting up similar meetings or extended district committees in other districts. To sort out a date for one in your area please get in touch with the Marxism Office.
The impact of a good delegation to Marxism goes beyond the five days in July. The more people that come from your area, the stronger both the SWP will be in the coming months, and our ability to both shape and intervene in the wider movements. Every area needs a plan to ensure that their delegation to Marxism reflects the work done in your district. There are four essential components to getting this;

1) SWP members. Many members have not yet booked up. Each branch needs to target these comrades. A priority should be comrades who went last year, comrades who pay subs and comrades who have joined in the last year. Talking to them about Marxism is part of involving them in the life of the branch. Every week we send out branch lists detailing who has booked for Marxism. If your branch is not getting these please let us know who to send it to.
2) Non members. Here we need think both creatively and concretely, and think about organizations that could send delegations and individuals we know. Invite local campaigns like Anti Bedroom Tax organizations, DPAC groups, local anti cuts groups, Keep Our NHS Public and other NHS groups. Invite trades councils and unions to send a delegations. Approach refugee and asylum groups we have worked with. Send an official email or letter then follow up with a phone call, going to the meeting or approaching people we work with in the groups
In addition each branch needs to make a physical list of which individuals they know and we can ask to come to Marxism. Every year at Marxism comrades always wish they had got certain people to come. This year let’s make it happen. That means approaching people now, talking politically about the event and then working out the practicalities with them
3) Mass publicity. Marxism 2014 has some great meetings, speakers and cultural events. We need to advertise widely things like the showing of the film about Marikana “Miners shot down” followed by a panel discussion with a miner, Ronnie Kasrils and film director Rehad Desai or the fact we will have the first London showing of “Still the enemy within” with a panel discussion afterwards. See the website for more speakers and themes. Having the timetable out from next week will make this easier but draw up a plan from this week.
4) Students. Any students who come from your area could be the basis for a SWSS group next year. Although the third term is exam time, students will be on campus – studying or in the library. Find out when your local Uni new term begins. Each area should do a stall at least once a week. If you don’t have a Uni, pick an FE college to work around. Many Unis and colleges have gone back today so make sure you have stalls set up from this week.

Teachers: time to escalate against Gove
Delegates at the NUT conference voted for further national strike action across England and Wales.
The strike will happen in the week commencing 23 June, although there will be flexibility to co-ordinate strike action with other unions.
There was pressure on the NUT leadership to outline a more radical programme of action with a third of delegates voting for a series of two-day strikes in the autumn.
Just under half the delegates also backed an attempt to have a motion on a two-day strike in the summer term heard.
There is now a series of big mobilising steps in the run up to the strike.
There will be lobby of parliament with delegations from every parliamentary constituency on 10 June.
The union is also mobilising for the People's Assembly anti-austerity protest on 21 June, the weekend before the planned strike.
While building for the action it’s crucial that everyone is pushing for escalation. Many teachers know that a series of termly strikes is simply not enough.
A new Socialist Worker leaflet with a model motion for schools is out this week.
At the conference four delegates joined the SWP, 13 signed up for Marxism 2014 and over 140 Socialist Workers were sold along with 70 of the new Blair Peach pamphlet.
SWP member Sam Kirk won the union’s Blair Peach award.

Stop the witch hunt in Birmingham schools
An anonymous, unsigned and undated document has been used to launch investigations into a so-called Islamic Plot to take over Birmingham schools.
This has led to an outpouring of Islamophobia in the media and a witch hunt environment around the schools.
A statement signed by leading local NUT members is circulating and is attached.
It can also be signed at

UCU: reject the offer
UCU higher education members are voting on a new pay offer. It would mean 2 percent for 2014-15, but there is no change at all on the 1 percent that was imposed by university managements for 2013-2014.
That ballot has already started, and will finish on the 1 May. It is vital that we go all out to win the vote to reject the offer.
After six days of strikes, with some lecturers facing the loss of a full day’s pay for two-hour stoppages, members expect some leadership from the people that they elected to the HEC.
However, the majority of the HEC voted against recommending rejection, and agreed that the argument should be put in a “neutral” way.
We are paying the price for the disastrous decision by the same majority group on the HEC to back off from a marking boycott in January.
Many members and activists were confused, angry and frustrated that the momentum of the autumn strikes was lost.
UCU members at many institutions received notice that there will be 100 percent pay docking for ‘partial performance’ if the UCU implemented the marking boycott.
The dispute is now much more than about pay – it is about the ability of the UCU (and other unions) to organise to defend conditions and against rampant managerialism.
• Get a meeting of the branch committee organised now to support a position of rejection and circulate this recommendation to members with the arguments
• Organise branch meetings now to allow members to debate the issues immediately after the holiday period
For full details and model motion go to

UCU NATIONAL OFFICER BY-ELECTION – VICE-PRESIDENT HIGHER EDUCATION SECTOR. Vote Lesley Kane (Open University). Ballot opens 25 April and closes 21 May.

• The UCU’s anti-casualisation day of action for FE and HE is on 7 May. Details of activity can be found at Please let us know what’s happening at your institution.
• The deadline for motions to UCU Congress is 12 noon on Wednesday 7 May.

UCU: SWP caucus, 3 May
There will be a caucus for SWP members in the UCU on Saturday 3 May at 2pm. Please let us know if you can make it. There will be a pooled fare for everyone attending so don’t let cost stop you attending but please do book transport as early as possible to save costs. Email to confirm if you can attend the meeting.

Lambeth College set for all out strike
The UCU group at Lambeth College in South London is set to start all out strike action against the imposition of new contracts.
Unison members could also join the action.
If the decision is confirmed at this week’s UCU branch meeting strike action could start for 1 May.
This is an absolutely crucial dispute. Every employer will be looking at the outcome.
Back in 2009 the victory by UCU members at Tower Hamlets College showed it was possible to stop an endless wave of compulsory redundancies.
Thousands of pounds were collected and Tower Hamlets strikers spoke at meetings across Britain.
The UCU branch at Lambeth can provide just the same kind of focus.
We need to rush support to Lambeth College and deluge the branch with offers to speak at union and campaign meetings.
Send messages and speaker requests to
On 1 May there will be a strike rally at 6pm at the Karibu Centre, 7 Gresham Road, Brixton, SW9 7PH.
Every London trade union comrade should try to get collections and delegations to that meeting.

Revolt on construction sites
Construction workers who are employed by agencies on sites across Britain have been hit with a pay cut of £100 a week following changes to tax law that means they will be paid through “umbrella companies”.
A number of regional meetings have been called to address the issue, Southampton Thursday 24 April, 6.30pm, CIU Working Men’s Club, Swathling. Crawley/ Gatwick - Wednesday 30 April, 6.30pm, Jubilee Club, Jubilee Walk. Three Bridges, Crawley, RH10 1LQ. A national rank and file meeting is being held in Liverpool on Saturday 10 May, 12 noon at the CASA club on Hope Street.

People’s Assembly demo, 21 June
The demo on 21 June now features Russell Brand as a speaker. It is a chance to raise the level of resistance to the cuts and austerity – and to increase the pressure on the union leaders.. We should push local unions to fund transport. There is a list of transport organised at
Saturday 21 June: People's Assembly National Demonstration and free festival
Against Austerity, cuts and privatisation
For the NHS, education and public services
Assemble 1 pm, BBC HQ, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA. (Oxford Circus tube)

The People’s Assembly has called a London-wide activist meeting to discuss and share notes on building momentum in the run up to the demo. The meeting will be held:
Tuesday 29 April, 6.30pm, @ Discus Room, Unite Offices, 128 Theolbald's Road, Holborn, WC1X 8TN
If possible, meet on the steps of the Unite offices at 5pm to leaflet surrounding tube stations.

TUSC candidates: the campaign is on
TUSC is putting forward more than 500 candidates at the council elections, a very widespread challenge.
SWP members will be standing as part of TUSC in the elections in areas including Manchester, Barnsley, Birmingham, Sheffield, Tottenham, Hackney, Waltham Forest, Portsmouth and Greenwich.
We will be battling the Tories, the cuts and austerity and making it clear the crisis is due to bosses and bankers, not immigrants. We will be putting forward a positive alternative to the poison of Ukip and the pro-business policies of the other parties.
The final deadline to put in your nomination is 4pm THIS THURSDAY 24 April.

Left Unity is running some 15 candidates in Wigan, Norwich, Exeter and Barnet. We call for a vote for them as well.

Support striking South African miners
Victory to the striking South African miners! Demonstrate in London, Thursday 24 April
A crucial and fiercely-fought strike is taking place in South Africa now. Some 80,000 platinum miners are striking against the brutal mining multinationals and the government that backs them.
The strikers have stood against intimidation, arrests, financial hardship and the threat to their jobs. They are battling heroically. On Thursday 24 April Anglo American, the chief representative of the rapacious employers, is holding its AGM in London . We want to be there supporting the miners.
Assemble 1pm, Thursday 24 April, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster , London , SW1P 3EE Outside the Anglo American AGM

The main union involved in the strike, AMCU, has set up a solidarity fund for the miners’ strike.
Bank: Standard Bank - Witbank Business
Account Name: AMCU Association of Mineworkers and Construction Strike Fund
Account Number: 332 748 634
Branch Code: 052 750
SWIFT address (Sort Code) is SBZAZAJJ If you want to make a donation to the miners’ strike, Charlie K is going to South Africa at the end of April and would be pleased to take any donations without you paying any bank transfer costs.

Miners Shot Down film: Showing this Wednesday,
23 April, 3pm, University College London, Room 106, Roberts building, Torrington Place.

Scotland: yes to independence
The opinion polls on Scottish independence continue to narrow, with the outcome of the 18 September vote very much in the balance. The political establishment is panicking–and wheeling out Gordon Brown isn’t going to fix matters for them.
Comrades in England and Wales should know that we are throwing ourselves into the Yes campaign on a class basis, raising the sort of Scotland we want to see and linking independence to the anti-austerity, anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist struggles.
The recent Scottish aggregate confirmed our position of active and central involvement in the campaign.
If we needed any more arguments to vote yes, it came when Benedict Brogan wrote in the Telegraph, “David Cameron will resign if he loses Scotland. A Prime Minister who allows the break-up of the United Kingdom cannot suffer such a statement of no confidence and continue in office. That much is understood in Downing Street, where a gnawing doubt about the referendum gets worse by the day.”
As well as the pamphlet on independence, we will shortly publish a factsheet on the socialist case for independence.
Branches should have meetings on the issue–and we can attract non-members to them.

International Socialism journal: out now
This quarter’s ISJ is out now. It features Philip Marfleet on the Egyptian Revolution and Dave Hayes on the role played by the SWP in the 1984-5 miners’ strike.
Ralph Darlington discusses the antagonism between rank and file and union bureaucracy and argues that it still provides the best guide to revolutionary trade unionism today and Esme Choonara and Yuri Prasad continue our discussion of oppression with a critical examination of privilege theory and intersectionality. Plus feedback and book reviews.
Analysis deals with the crisis over Ukraine and argues that rivalries among the imperialist powers continue to dominate international politics.
Every branch should have copies of the journal for meetings–and if there are miners’ strike events in your area please contact Camilla.
To get copies for your branch or to subscribe as an individual and get the latest issue contact Camilla at or 0207 819 1170.
An order form is attached.

SWP members’ re-registration 2014
1. Please re-register yourself! You can return the form or go to
2. Each week the district will receive a list of who has re-registered. Each week the district should identify comrades they are going to contact and make sure they are phoned and visited.
3. Sign people up to Marxism at the same time.

Care UK: big demo, two week strike coming
Around 400 people – strikers, their families and supporters – joined the demonstration through Doncaster town centre on Saturday. They were joined among others by strikers celebrating a victory at SOAS and a delegation from Gwalia housing in South Wales facing a very similar situation. Delegations from around the Yorkshire/ Derbyshire region brought union banners and collections.
44 SW were sold on the demonstration and 25 SW were sold at the mass meeting the day before.
Unison regional organiser, Jim Bell, announced at the rally that that at the mass meeting the previous day strikers had voted unanimously for a two week long strike in May. This is a serious escalation. It is vital that solidarity continues to flood in and that they are inundated with speaker requests (a good way to get in touch is via the ‘Doncaster Support Living Unison Strike’ facebook page)
Our comrades were at the centre of helping collect for the strike at NUT conference: £1600 was raised in total.
Rush solidarity messages to: Make cheques payable to: Doncaster, District & Bassetlaw Health Branch and send to: Jenkinson House, White Rose Way, Doncaster DN4 5GJ Email Care UK chief executive Mike Parish to complain about the way they’re treating their workers: Visit the strike Facebook page ‘Doncaster Supported Living Unison Strike’ click here Follow on twitter: @StrikeUnison

Unison health: ballot for strikes over pay
Last week delegates at Unison Health conference voted overwhelmingly to ballot for strikes against the Tories’ insulting pay offer. This will see a national ballot taking place across the summer, with two days of action in the run up to the ballot, likely to be the 5 June and then in early July. These days of action would take the shape of lunchtime protests at NHS workplaces in June, and then possibly regional protests and rallies in July. The move to ballot is incredibly significant for the overall picture of struggle on the industrial front. Unite is also consulting its members in health, and GMB leaders have also made noises about a consultation for strikes among its members in Health.
The sense among delegates at the conference that it was one that was actually planning action rather than just going through motions was reflected in our intervention. Overall, across two issues and including 11 copies of the miners’ strike special,we sold 196 Socialist Workers. Our 12 comrades who were at the conference as delegates went down a storm on the conference floor, as those who best articulated the anger many felt and put the case getting back to the workplaces and building for hard hitting action, with around 20 speeches by SWP members across the three days. We had 17 (ten non members) attend our SWP fringe meeting on the miners’ strike, and there were 40 at a Healthworker meeting organised, to discuss building the fight over pay, alongside other left activists, with two SWP comrades on the platform.

Five days of tube strikes
RMT announces more strike dates
RMT has announced an escalation of action starting next Monday—a further five days strikes. The first round of action will start from the evening of Monday 28 April and run until the evening of Wednesday 30 April, and then strikes will commence again from the evening of Monday 5 May to the evening of Thursday 8 May. Details of when each section starts strikes are listed below.
A list of picket lines is attached, and comrades in every branch and district in London should start organising coverage of the picket lines now.
There will be a RMT LU strike meeting at on Wednesday at 4pm at Exmouth Arms—if you are able to come along and help, contact Alan ASAP.
Strike times:
Tube (excluding Fleet)
21:00 hours on Monday 28 April until 20:59 hours on Wednesday 30 April; and 21:00 hours on Monday 5 May until 20:59 hours on Thursday 8 May.
Tube (Fleet)
18.30 hours on Monday 28 of April until 18.29 hours on Wednesday 30 April; and
18.30 hours on Monday 5 of May until 18.29 hours on Thursday 8 of May.
21:00 hours on Monday 28 April until 20:59 hours on Wednesday 30 April

Fast Food Rights
Fast Food Rights day of action: Next step, international day of action 15 May
The campaign has developed links with the SEIU union in the US who are organising the US Fast Food strikes, and there are now plans for an international day of action on 15 May, so far with some form of involvement on the day by campaigns/ unions in 30 countries. The next planning meeting for the campaign will take place at parliament on 28 April at 6pm.
If you’re planning an action in your area for this day, please send details to and it will be added to the list of actions. You can download PDFs of leaflets and posters for placards to use at

Unison service group executive elections
Hundreds of thousands of Unison members are being balloted in the unions Service Group Executive elections. Voting runs to 18 May. Among the left candidates we are supporting are a number of SWP members:
Local government: John McLoughlin (London), Jon Woods (South East), Duncan Smith (Scotland) and Martin Sleath (East Midlands). Health: Janet Maiden and Jordan Rivera (London) and Karen Reissman (North West). Higher Education: Sandy Nicoll (London). Water, Environment, Transport: Mike Killian (North West).

Egypt Solidarity workshop 24 May
Join Egypt Solidarity on 24 May at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) for a half-day campaigning workshop on the current situation in Egypt
Resistance, revolution, repression – a workshop organised by Egypt Solidarity
Saturday 24 May, 12pm-5pm
Khalili Lecture Theatre, School of Oriental and African Studies, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG. Nearest tube – Russell Square
To register ronline go to

Do you know any Arabic speakers? If you know anybody who can help Egypt Solidarity, please email

Ritzy cinema–inspiring strike
The Easter weekend saw round two of strikes by BECTU members at the Ritzy cinema in Brixton in their battle for the Living Wage. For the second week in a row they struck over the busy Friday and Saturday period, with the cinema and bar forced to close for the duration.
The strike is an inspiration—off the back of a six year process of building the union now almost every member of staff is in BECTU, enabling the workers to deliver solid action. The strikes saw a high level of self organisation among the strikers, and phenomenal support from the local community and other trade unionists.
The strikers were meeting this week to discuss the next steps.
Click here to download the collection sheet PDF, click here for the Ritzy support leaflet to use at other Picturehouses’ cinemas. You can also use the collection sheet at other Picturehouse cinemas:

Unite the Resistance Scotland 10 May
Unite the Resistance in Scotland ‘Organising to Win’ conference: Sat 10 May
Unite the Resistance in Scotland is hosting a day of plenaries and workshops, bringing together workers who are leading in the fight against austerity with other trade unionists to discuss how to get the widest solidarity for strikes taking place, what we can learn from these inspiring struggles and how to push forwards the battle to defend workers’ rights, for decent pay and to stop the austerity cuts.
The event will take place from 12 noon to 5pm
@ Renfield St Stephens Church,
260 Bath Street, Glasgow
For full details and publicity see

Defend our NHS
The avalanche of privatisation contracts sweeping through the NHS and the renewed wave of closures are leading to resistance.

Tuesday 29 April 6.30pm, Committee Room 19, House of Commons,

Saturday 28 June, 10am to 4.30pm, Venue : Central London

Cadre school 7 June
The party is holding a cadre school on 7 June in London. This is aimed at members who already have some experience as activists in their branch, workplace or university, and who possess a basic grasp of Marxist theory.
The event will have four sessions, covering “The Marxist Method”, “The Contemporary Working Class”, “The Relevance of Leninism Today” and “Imperialism and National Liberation”.
These topics will be discussed in more depth than would be possible in a branch meeting or a new members’ school.
Preparatory reading will be required for the various sessions, details of which will be circulated to attendees.
Those attending will be charged a pooled fare of £10 (which they should claim from their branch or district treasurer) and their travel will be refunded (at the cheapest advance rate).
Spaces are limited. Those wishing to attend should email or phone 020 7819 1186.

SW sales successes
140 SWs at NUT conference and 25 at the NASUWT conference, and 97 SWs at the STUC conference plus 30 at a Tommy Sheridan meeting on independence
Doncaster Care Uk: Demo Saturday 44 + Meeting on Friday 25 Glasgow: Saturday sale 34 + Hillhead Friday 29 + Motherwell 12 + Coatbridge 15 + UNISON meeting 10 + SWAN conference 5 + Labour for independence meeting 5 + Cumbernauld for independence meeting 6 + Electricians meeting 5 + 20 pamphlets on independence – a total of 121 papers. Oxford, 15 were sold by a comrade to personal sales and at the Job Centre. 13 were sold at the Saturday sale where we had a good response to a petition against privatisation of the NHS. 4 were sold by another comrade to personal sales – a total of 32 SWs across the week. North London: Islington 48 SWs and £15 donation + Crouch End 11 Lewisham 45 Bristol: Saturday sale 32 + Royal infirmary Hospital 12 Manchester: Market Street Saturday 36 + MRI hospital 8
Brighton 26 Walthamstow 26 Ipswich 26 Stratford 26 Shepherd’s Bush Saturday 25 + Ealing Broadway Friday 8 Norwich Saturday 24 + £11 donation Cardiff on Saturday 24 Edinburgh: Saturday sale 23 + £11 donation Hackney Saturday 22 + new hospital sale 4 Portsmouth: Saturday 10 + local branch meeting 6 + Mosque 3 + Personal sales 2 – a total 21 across the week
Nottingham sold 20 papers on the Saturday sale using the petition on NHS which went down really well and in Mansfield, comrades’ Friday sale saw four papers sold in less than five minutes and 15 papers in an hour. In Milton Keynes, comrades sold 13 SWs at the local anti-cuts protest on Thursday. Leamington Saturday 10 + 2 papers at the Lifeworks event.

Industrial notes
Heathrow Express strike
RMT members working on Heathrow Express are also set to strike from 3am on Tuesday 29 of April for 48 hours in a dispute over pay, jobs and safety.
First Great Western strike ballot closes today
Around 2,000 RMT members on First Great Western could be set to announce strikes soon over draconian dismissals and disciplinary procedure, agency and contract working and zero hour contracts, with their ballot finishing today.
Defend Bryan Kennedy There is a protest on Wednesday 23rd April outside of the hearing of suspended Unite convenor Bryan Kennedy 12.30-1.30pm at One Housing Group Head Office, 100 Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1. (Nearest Tube Chalk Farm)
Bryan has been at the centre of union recruitment and organisation in the One Housing Group, which last year saw strikes over pay cuts. Members have voted by 84 percent for strikes to defend Bryan.
PCS national caucus There is a national fraction meeting for SWP members of the PCS union Saturday 3 May, 1-4pm, This will be particularly important given recent revelations about the progression of PCS-Unite merger discussions and PCS national conference is a month away.
Unison London fraction meeting There is a fraction meeting for all London Unison SWP comrades, this Saturday 26 April at 2pm at SOAS. Please email: if you can attend. An agenda is being emailed to comrades.

CWU national conference
CWU conference is Saturday 26 April to Thursday 1 May in Bournemouth. Please let us know if you will be attending as a delegate or an observer. Contact Julie