How legacies have helped the SWP

Julie on the megaphone at the Prague anti-capitalist protest in 2000
(Pic: Jess Hurd/

Julie Waterson was an inspiring revolutionary activist all her adult life. A vibrant working class woman, she was one of the most outstanding figures to have emerged from the Socialist Workers Party.

Whether as organiser, party leader or activist, she inspired everyone who came into contact with her.

When she died tragically young in 2012 her generous legacy enabled the SWP to purchase new printing equipment and fund two full time workers for a year.

We are able to put you in touch with a solicitor who is friendly to the SWP and can process your request smoothly. We can also send you model 'simple' wills to complete yourself.

If you would like to discuss leaving a legacy please contact our finance officer by email at or call directly on 020 7840 5603.

Donald Casson 1936 - 2013

Donald Casson was a life long socilaist. Don was a member of the Labour Party—at times both a councillor and an election agent. But he came to realise it was impossible to turn it into a socialist organisation.

So he joined the Socialist Workers Party in 1998.

When he died after a long illnes in 2013 his legacy allowed us to replace aging coping devices at the central office and fund 6 full time workers for a year.