Party Notes

27th June 2016

After the Leave Vote: unite against austerity and racism . . . Defend Corybn and build Marxism

The Leave vote has plunged the ruling class into crisis. The Tories are in turmoil – Cameron has gone and they are divided and split. But rather than sticking the boot in to finish them off – the right wing of the Labour Party has decided to create their own internal crisis by trying to force Corbyn out. This is a complete abdication of political leadership and shows how out of touch they are. Rather than attacking Corbyn they should be driving home their advantage to force the Tories out of office and put an end to austerity. We do not accept that the vote to leave was overwhelming racist. Much of the Leave vote was driven by the deep anger and bitterness that exists in Britain. For many it was a rejection of the political elite across Britain and Europe. Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity outside of Parliament means he could relate to and catch this anti establishment mood and help pull it in a left direction.

Keep Corbyn rally: tonight, 6pm

Please try to come to the ‪#‎KeepCorbyn rally today at 6pm in Parliament Square. It is called by Momentum and is the most united call for a demonstration against the Labour right’s attempt to remove Corbyn. Share the event and invite your friends. The event page is here We will have stalls from 5.15pm.

Wherever you are:

· Use the petition to defend Corbyn here

· Take photos using the poster “We support Corbyn” here and put on social media attached

· Use the new flyer attached

The world is in turmoil, the ruling class is in crisis and political debate is everywhere. It appears those at the top who argued for Brexit have no plan about how to implement it and there may be another Scottish Independence referendum. The task for socialists is to intervene, help to shape that mood and offer a way forward.

We must not let the Tories recover. We want to make sure the crisis ends with the right shattered and the anti-racist left stronger.

It is time for everyone on the left and all anti racists, however they voted to unite against austerity, the destruction of public services, the attacks on refugees, Islamophobia and the fascists.

For more analysis of the Leave vote see SW article here and for the moves against Corbyn see the new SW article here

Demonstrate: No to austerity, no to racism, kick out the Tories, Sat 16 July - download leaflet here

Called by the People’s Assembly and Stand Up to Racism

Assemble 12 noon, BBC Broadcasting House, central London W1A 1AA

This demonstration is a fantastic opportunity to build unity, go on the offensive against the Tories, oppose both austerity and racism and give confidence to everyone that there can be a positive result from the crisis at the top of society.

Build this as widely as possible. Districts outside of London should try and put on transport jointly through the PA and SUTR. Ask Momentum groups to support it. Approach local trade union branches.

In every area we should propose joint activity for Sat 9 July to go out and leaflet and build for this demo . It is very important that in local areas any activity is called jointly by the People’s Assembly and Stand Up to Racism. Since we don’t think the Leave vote was mainly about racism it gives the wrong message to call demos just by SUTR. Equally the PA is not the vehicle to call anti-racist demos. Therefore we should propose genuine joint activity between the two groups with the slogan “No to austerity, No to racism, kick the Tories out”.

The heightened political atmosphere where pretty much everyone is talking about the EU and the leave vote in some way means there is a desire for the left to come together. Already many areas have seen protests and meetings take place where the issues have been discussed. For example 100 went to a meeting on Saturday in Nottingham, over 400 marched in Bristol on Friday night, another 1000 demonstrated in East London. We should make sure we are proactive in setting these up

Marxism Festival 2016

There is a ferment of discussion on the left. Marxism 2016 couldn’t be taking place at a more important time. It has to be the focus to bring people together for debate about how the left can take the initiative. We have to use the next few days to have a massive push on asking people to come.

New meetings added include:

· Why did Britain vote to leave the EU?

Fri 1 July, 2.30pm

· After the Leave vote: What is the way forward for the British left? With Charlie Kimber

Sat 2 July, 11.45am

· Alex Callinicos discusses Brexit: a crisis for British and global capitalism, Sat 2 July, 7pm

· Where next after the EU referendum? with Joseph Choonara , Sun 4.15pm

Book for five days, one day or a flexi ticket here

New posters advertising these meetings are available from today. London districts – contact the Marxism Office to get some for your area. These can be collected from the Defend Corbyn demo tonight.

Set up stalls at 6th forms this week . There is a massive discussion about what this means going on among young people

Call every contact, anti racist, trade unionist, student you have met over the last year and ask them to come

Ensure that every new member is contacted again.

The Leave vote can raise lots of questions as well as worries and concerns. We want to ensure that as many people on the left come together collectively to discuss these things rather than feeling isolated.

See below for more information on the practicalities of Marxism

Other key events and dates following the Leave Vote

NUT strike: Tues 5 July

The teachers’ strike set for Tues 5 July in England is now even more important as a unifying element for everyone who hates the Tories. We need to get to picket lines.

Rally in London: 11am at the BBC, Portland place, marching at 12 noon to Parliament Square for a rally at 1.3. Check for similar events in other cities.

Demonstrate at Tory Party Conference: Sun 2nd Oct, Birmingham

Facebook group here

With the Tories in crisis and divisions over who should lead the party this will be great chance to bring everyone together who opposes them. Every area should organise transport.

SUTR conference, Sat 8th October

Friends Meeting House, 173-177 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ, 10.30am-4.30pm. This will bring together speakers, organisations and activists from anti racist campaigns.

Stand Up to Racism

As well as proposing joint activity locally with the PA and building for the demonstration on 16th July every SUTR group should have a programme of meetings and activities for the summer

Convoy Report back meetings: It is crucial that every area has a SUTR report back from the Convoy. These should be built as widely as possible, and where possible held in conjunction with the Convoy partner organisations. We want the message of the convoy to reach a much wider audience. Please send details of your SUTR meetings and events to Zak on and also to so we can also advertise them in SW. Meeting template– download here

Every Calais report back meeting should include a speaker who takes up arguments about Prevent and Islamophobia.

Use the SUTR Prevent Factsheet – copies can be ordered from SUTR. A SUTR pamphlet on Prevent will be out soon.

Marxism 2016 – Practicalities

Marxism starts on Thursday. Speakers at the opening rally at 7pm include Moazzam Begg, Brid Smith, Sheila Coleman, Dave Smith and a striking French rail worker.

Visit the Marxism website here

Join our Facebook group here and share the event here

As well as making a last push to build Marxism every area needs to make sure all those who have already booked actually get there!

Contact everyone who has booked: Tickets have been sent out through the post. But if anyone has not received their ticket then they can pick it up at the Marxism Box Office. All tickets booked this week will need to be collected from the Box office.

We will send out lists this week. Call every person who has booked, especially newer and non members to ensure that their transport and accommodation is sorted and they know where to find comrades from their area at Marxism.

Creche and accommodation deadlines have now passed. If you know anyone who needs the crèche please contact us ASAP. All accommodation requests will now be in placed in the community centre.

  • Can you help provide accommodation? Every year there are people who want to come to Marxism but for whom sleeping on the floor in a Community Centre is not appropriate. Have you got a spare bed, sofa or floor that someone could use? If so please let Sarah know in the Marxism office on

Practicalities at Marxism Festival

SWP stalls and crèche rota – every year we ask comrades to help ensure we have a good sale of SW and stalls at Marxism. We also need comrades to help with the crèche. Please find attached a crèche rota and a SW stall rota. Each branch must ensure that enough comrades are provided for both.

Pic-nics – these are crucial if people are going to eat cheaply and meet other activists from the local area. The lunchtime at Marxism this year will be an hour and a half rather than just an hour so will make these easier. Every district – including London – need to make sure there is a pic nic organised for each meal break. Make posters to use a Marxism so that people can find your district!

SWP Branch Meetings

Branch meetings

It's crucial we have a branch plan for before and after Marxism. Make sure you have a flyer to use at Marxism to invite people to the next local meeting

Every branch needs to have a meeting on “After the EU referendum – where next for the fight against the Tories?”

download here

The Chilcot Enquiry will finally report on the 6 of July. It will be massive news. Plan in a meeting on this for after Marxism as well. Suggested title “After Chilcot – Blood on Blair’s hands: What really happened in Iraq” – download here

Muhammad Ali: A fighter against Racism and War download here

Socialist Worker Sales

We had some very good sales of SW over the last week.

  • 210 sold at Unison Conference
  • 160 at London Pride

· 45 at the Protest at Downing Street last Friday

· 43 on the Bristol SUTR demo on Friday and another 36 on their Saturday sale

· 43 in Tower Hamlets on the protest on Friday

Stop the War Coalition: Chilcot Report out next week

After a seven year wait the Chilcot Report is finally going to be published on June 6th. Despite its astounding length (2.3 million words) it is highly likely that it will fall short of an outright condemnation of the Iraq war and fail to apportion blame to those who were truly responsible for the catastrophe.

Stop the War Coalition has organised a number of events:

Protest: Chilcot - Time for Truth & Justice, 6th July, 10am
Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
Facebook group here

After a seven year wait the Chilcot Report is finally going to be published on June 6th. Despite its astounding length (2.3 million words) it is highly likely that it will fall short of an outright condemnation of the Iraq war and fail to apportion blame to those who were truly responsible for the catastrophe.
Come and join this protest on the day of publication outside the QEII Centre to demand #IraqTruthAndJustice

Public Meeting: The People's Response to Chilcot,

July 7th, 7pm
Mary Ward House Conference & Exhibition Centre
5-7 Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9SN
Organised by: Stop the War Coalition

Facebook group here
Come to this meeting the day after publication at Mary Ward House as we discuss the next steps towards #IraqTruthAndJustice

Speakers will include Reg Keys, Brian Eno, Peter Oborne, Louise Christian, Lindsey German and more.


Are you going to the Durham Miners Gala or Tolpuddle Festival?

The Durham Miners Gala takes place on Sat 9 July. We would like districts in the north to send comrades to help. Please contact Michael in the National Office if you are planning to go to this so we can co-ordinate a party intervention.

Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival runs from Fri 15 July to Sun 17 July. For a number of years now the festival has been bigger, younger and more radical. We will be having a serious party intervention at the event and have already secured an official stand for the party. Last year, we sold 139 papers.

Please let us know if you or any comrades from your district will be at Tolpuddle by emailing

New International Socialism Journal

The new issue of International Socialism journal (151) is now out and will be available at Marxism. It features articles on the fight against anti-trade union laws, the Anthropocene, Islamism, the history of British imperialism, social democracy and more. Alex Callinicos asks whether David Cameron can put his cabinet back together after the referendum. This is already available online as well as another article on Brazil by Eduardo Albuquerque .

To get copies for your branch the easiest way is to collect them from the publications stall at Marxism (near the entrance to the Institute of Education). But if you can’t do this please contact Camilla 0207 840 5640 or

New Socialist Review out this week

Following the leave vote Joseph Choonara analyses the result and argues that we can take this opportunity to beat back racism and austerity.
Our summer issue has lots of features, from Michael Roberts on robots and class struggle, to the return of political Blackness, HE reform and resistance, the centenary of the Somme and 80 years since the start of the Spanish civil war.
Plus books and arts reviews and columns on unprecedented electoral success for the left in Beirut, homophobia after Orlando, Muhammad Ali and the Olympics, and Scotland and the left.
Copies will be hot off the presses at Marxism, so branch orders can be picked up at the event or sent out the following week.

Subscription Offer: Arguments for revolution delivered to your door! At Marxism we will be fighting to get more people onto the full spectrum subscription to all our publications - help us by signing up yourself for £10 per month, and by thinking about who in your Marxism delegation is not a subscriber. Visit us at the publications stall in the Institute of Education to pick up forms.

New Pamphlet: Marxism and Ecology

The SWP pamphlet “Marxism and Ecology: Capitalism, Socialism and the Future of the Planet” by Martin Empson has been brought up to date and reprinted. Copies are £3 each or 10 for £20. Contact Aiden on to place your orders. Martin is available to speak at branch meetings on the pamphlet topic. Contact him on to book him.

Workplace Notes

NUT Strike: 5 July – get to picket lines

NUT members voted overwhelming to strike (91.7 Yes vote) in their ballot. They will now strike across schools in England on Tuesday 5 July. We should aim to get union banners down to picket lines and there is a rally in London at 11am at the BBC, Portland place, marching at 12 noon to Parliament Square for a rally at 1.30 – look out for similar events in other cities.

Connaught school for Girls NUT are on strike tomorrow (Tuesday 28 June) over workload and timetable increases.

Picket line from 7am Dyers Hall Rd, Leytonstone (2 mins from Leytonstone tube). Send messages of support to

Lobby London Met Governors: Support staff - defend students - Thursday 30 June, 3.30pm.
London Met faces a jobs massacre with 400 posts on the line and the victimisation of reps Mark Campbell and David Hardman.
With the new HE White Paper opening the door to privatisation across the sector LMU could be the future!
Join the lobby, bring banners and delegations.

More UCU pay strikes hit Universities all this week

The latest wave of strike action across Britain’s universities in the dispute of pay, gender pay gap and against casualization is well under way.

The institutions to be hit next are:

Monday 27 June: University of Arts London

Tuesday 28 June: University of West London, University of Aberdeen

Thursday 30 June: Bishop Grosseteste University, University of Derby, University of Cambridge, Brunel University, King's College London, London School of Economics, Courtauld Institute of Art, Royal Academy of Music, Royal Veterinary College, University of Westminster, Queen Mary, University of London, Royal College of Art, Royal College of Music, Royal Holloway, St George's, University of London, Queen's University Belfast, St Mary's University College Belfast, Stranmillis University College, Ulster University, University of Bolton, Royal Northern College of Music, Robert Gordon University, University for the Creative Arts, University of Surrey, Bournemouth University, University of Portsmouth, Falmouth University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of Wales, University of Gloucestershire, Harper Adams University, Staffordshire University, University College Birmingham, University of Worcester, Royal Agricultural University, Sheffield Hallam University

Friday 1 July: Loughborough University, Newcastle University, Northumbria University, Cardiff University

Saturday 2 July: Durham University

A Socialist Worker flyer for picket lines is here and a UCU Left leaflet to get to UCU activists is here Please send photos and reports to post to facebook and tweet to @socialistworker and @resistunite

· Use the Unite the Resistance contact sheet on UCU picket lines to help build solidarity networks in your area. Return to: Unite the Resistance, c/o Bookmarks, 1 Bloomsbury Street, London, WC1B 3QE or email details to so that activists can also go onto the national Unite the Resistance mailing list.

International Socialism Day School: Sat 15 Oct

The next ISJ day school- “Marxism and Nature” will be on 15 October in London. Speakers include ecosocialist author and activist Ian Angus who is coming from Canada to speak. For more information or to book go to There is also an interview with Ian in the latest Socialist Review

Solidarity with jailed activists in Egypt

Repression in Egypt has seen over 100 revolutionary activists and human rights campaigners jailed for 5 years, and hundreds more detained. They join hundreds who have “disappeared” in the last year alone including Cambridge researcher Giulio Regeni.

Egypt Solidarity Initiative alongside Amnesty International, students and trade unionists from central London organised a protest last Friday. We want to send a strong message to our own government that we will mobilise in solidarity against the UK’s alliance with Sisi’s dictatorship.

Sign the Egypt Solidarity statement and circulate widely here